July 13, 2024


Annotating things on the Net, as well as sharing the annotations can be quite the undertaking. The variety of what is on a webpage is ever changing. The tools below each have some plus, and some minus. Each has its level of “free”, some all the way others have limits on how many items or how often. As always I try to serve the education world, but many may also work for business.

Free Annotation Tools for Education

  • DiigoHelps you streamline your workflow and thus it increases productivity. There are several levels of membership, including a very generous free level. Levels are base on how much you annotate and what type of file you are annotating. They’ve been around for a while and are always improving. Look for specials on memberships.
  • A.nnotate
  • Bounce App
  • https://web.hypothes.is/
  • marqueed.com
  • http://www.openvideoannotation.org/explore.php