May 28, 2024

twitter-logoThis site does a pretty good job of quickly getting to what Twitter is and some of the terminology. Its concise and has many example. If you are confused by what and how to use Twitter this is the place to catch up on the details quickly. Once you do you can catch my tweets at @paulvalach and @pmvproductions. There are also some other funny, informed, useful and sometimes just plain silly folks, here are a few of my favorite:

@TheLawOffice -legal insights along with a couple of daily publications
@FartingMoose – funny, outrageous, eclectic posts
@TheCoffeeShop – Conversaional topics, hints and tips, coffee stops and specials
@BagofPopcorn – movie things, actor news, pop corn
@DeckParkTunnel – Phoenix related stories, traffic alerts, Arizona News, sometimes humor

I think you will enjoy of you follow. Some of these have great friends also.