June 24, 2024

I came across this article in a daily publication called appropriately The Shark Fin, its about the legal world. This article though talks about a law students FIRST day of class and how to prepare for it. Taking a look at the last day and what will be needed to make the semester a success. Law School teaches using the “socratic method” which is very different from the traditional lecture and testing that is done across the educational universe. After reading the reading the article I saw where this type of teaching can be and probably is done in topics where ideas and decision making on facts are performed. Perhaps even if on one or two topics the standard PowerPoint slide show or just writing in the white board will go to the wayside. The other take away I had was that if students utilize some of this even in the most boring lectures or materials their knowledge will expand and can be used later on discussion questions or perhaps have even a better base for future classes and how some of these “knowledge points” interact in a 101 to a 102 or a 100 to a 200 level class. And if you are an educator I would encourage you to teach a class this semester using the “Socratic Method”, it is quite fun actually and it definitely shows you who read the assignment and who did not.