June 24, 2024

googGuess the answer to that is above $900, which is where GOOG stock symbol went to and above after the big Google meeting. New stuff was announced and some new stuff was not even mentioned Sergi Brin, the co-founder was a now show (I always wonder why guys who start big things never show up for the Annual meetings), and some of the cool stuff like Glass was not even referenced. Guess when you are Google you can get away with that. Much of today’s E-world (ok that’s an oldie from Appe days) somehow does go through Google. The new Google Drive to gMail to the world of Docs. The article sums it up, I would repeat as I’d rather you read it from their source….am sure there will be much chat in the near future…..my question is do I buy an option for $1000 price on GOOG?