June 24, 2024

googI recall when Gmail came around. There was also HotMail and RocketMail. I started with Rocketmail, as that was the alternate to AOL which had absolutely no management system. I don’t think even folders where around back then. But Gmail slowly took over and today everyone has a Gmail account or two. But did you know that with a simple “.” or a “+” in the name you can have unlimited emails. And you can use those additions to help sort your emails and dump all the unwanted email, or maybe even have a canned response to regular annoying repeating email? I didn’t know about a number of these, and one actually will be put into use by the end of the day, if not over the weekend as I tweak to what I need.

One place that also gets mentioned in the article is Google Labs. This is a place I need to visit more often as that’s where the cool stuff starts and often you can be on the forefront of things. Enjoy the hacks and now you can manage that Gmail account a little easier. Here is the article with the list.