Gmail – Hacks to make it more ….

googI recall when Gmail came around. There was also HotMail and RocketMail. I started with Rocketmail, as that was the alternate to AOL which had absolutely no management system. I don’t think even folders where around back then. But Gmail slowly took over and today everyone has a Gmail account or two. But did you know that with a simple “.” or a “+” in the name you can have unlimited emails. And you can use those additions to help sort your emails and dump all the unwanted email, or maybe even have a canned response to regular annoying repeating email? I didn’t know about a number of these, and one actually will be put into use by the end of the day, if not over the weekend as I tweak to what I need.

One place that also gets mentioned in the article is Google Labs. This is a place I need to visit more often as that’s where the cool stuff starts and often you can be on the forefront of things. Enjoy the hacks and now you can manage that Gmail account a little easier. Here is the article with the list.

New Google Ranking Method

googAccording to SearchEngineLand a top stop for all SEO and web marketing types the algorithm for Google raknings has changed. Much more attention will be plaid to the content on your site then how many sites link to yours. The effort here is suppose to increase the quality of the content that we seek when we go visit a website. Their guidelines, or the (Google Webmaster Help guide) has changed a few words..

It used to say:
In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.

Now it says:
In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share.

The change actually goes back to mid May. It was kind of snuck in there, but someone found it.

There is actually a place that keeps track of all of this, or can do comparisons over time–(article coming)– There is further support on this change from a video where Matt Cutts (head of Google’s web spam fighting team) answers a question on what can be done to help a website. The video is below:

What this means is put out great stuff on your website. New and refreshing content that the user wants to see and really the reason they came in the first place. This is something that I can help you with or provide you with some (links)… to get you started. Enjoy.

New Flickr Wow!

flickrAn interesting view of Flickr was sent my way the other day. Type in a search term and off it goes. It divides the photos into two groups. Appears to really know what the term “relevance” is as the images really do relate and provide great results. Also in the advanced area you can…more
FlickrStorm. Search on Flickr with some Magic …

Creative Commons offers more flexible copyright licenses for creative works – find out more at the Creative Commons website. FlickrStorm is a better search for Flickr! It works by looking for more than what you enter to find related and more…

SEO Dashboard New in Google Analytics

gooannThe new Google Analytics has provided us with many new tools, widgets among them. This article in SEOBook shows the use of the SEO Dashboard and some of the combinations that provide some great feedback. The article goes throw a number of combinations with some of the same widgets. Lots of different data now for web owners. Each of these combinations can bring back different information which when combined with the other give the webmaster great information about the visitor.

The article goes through how to setup the new Dashboards with different combinations. It uses a couple of them several times. This will be a big play for those wanting to know more about who is coming to the website. The article is here.

Free Analytics….lots of data.

Just when you think Analytics can get any better, along comes GigaOm and some FREE TOOLS. Lots of new free analytics available on this page. Literally millions of calculations, datasets (its one of those math things) are possible. Tables that look rather boring at first glance. This place is pretty amazing, and can make your head spin but in a good way, after all we want to know if what we are doing is getting us results. The reading is