May 20, 2024

A new discussion has emerged amongst a few, in regards to the Pinterest debate. Someone said that “embedding” and “linking” were the same. My response is below. More on this topic will be on its way.

Embedding and linking are NOT the same. Which is why YouTube allows me as the author to not allow embedding.

By allowing embedding I allow my video on ______ to be posted in full length on every hate site on the Net. It allows my video to be posted inside emails that may be spreading the opposite or even irrelevant content. It can also be perceived that I, as the creator, agree with their topic/onion/position. If you do not care where your video appears you allow embedding of your video. (As a side note, I can download ANY video from YouTube.. make it my own buy editing, etc…we’ve already mentioned ways to do this in other discussions.)

Now, linking is different. I force the “linker” to go to my channel or my video. Now the user can see other videos I have made and make a clearer judgment on my creations. I control what all they see. Hopefully the viewer can see that my video does not support the cause, but rather oppose it… in which case I probably do not get the link.

As far as Pinterest goes, the act of pining seems to be the “action” that is being framed as “copyright violation”. Usually when there are “copyright violations” there is also some me damage associated with the action. That damage can be defined in a number of ways. The fact is something is “copyrighted” the instance that is it created. I don’t need a ROUND C to make it so. I think what makes Pinterest a tad different is that we are sharing the “coolness” of the “web”, without any monetary gain, nor any real gain …other than “look what I found”, or creativity of say the color “red” or “black” as I have in my boards. Also, along this line..if you search for “black” or “red” in Google.. or select the Color picker on the left you will get a plethora of red and black images. Funny no one seems to object when Google finds all the _____ or _____. In fact we all add ALT tags so that Google DOES IN DEED find and display those images in a search.

Lastly, Pinterest, has made available code which we can put on our sites which make images un-Pinable, kind of like the YouTube (can’t embed this video). In fact we can remove page from Google by adding code thus not allowing it to be indexed.

It is one thing to take my photographs or others, my drawings and even my writing and posting on their own website for profit or display as their own. Its another to share, point out the coolness (with a link too) with others in a area where the only purpose is to share a “look what I found”. As I sit here an type this I all of a sudden have two thoughts.. one is how is Google allowed to in essence “share” all of the graphics? I suspect that many pins come about as a result of an interesting Google image search, and two.. which is something else that can pinned ..but we don’t see much of and that is video. The later which may be another great discussion.

Wow all that from is there a difference between “embedding” and “linking”. YES there is ..