June 14, 2024

DSC_0510Web developmeent used ot be pretty easy. Learn a few HTML stements, get some graphics and youwere off. Then cam video, mostly YouTbue stuff whcih meant learning how another tag worked and made sure your YouTune video was public and not in violation of terms. A bit later came tables, and javascript and a host of others, bound to mess with the wensite depedning on which borwser or version of that browser your clients was using.

There were few tools to help you along, nd once CSS hit it borugyht a new level to the game. Coding was a new thing in the web development game.

Now there are dozens of places. tools to help make your website look its best. Gifs, jPGES, MOVs and the rest all need special attention. Creting the content to fit is a whole new ball game and the big thing is to make ti all work across the many platforms that exist.

Here’s a list of 50 tools. Some are great others are a combo of others or not as. You get comfortable with things and that’s what makes creating simpler. Check them all out, if you like one please comment to help thin the herd so to speak ..

Here is the 50 Free Web Tools.