June 24, 2024

imageAccording to the folks over at Stanford, you know that high felutin’ place in Palo Alto, and home to some pretty smart folks today’s kids don’t know the difference between BS and true stories when it come to news. It’s funny they all just blow by my day’s fake stuff at the checkout counter of grocery stores. Amazing that the National Enquirer and Star this and that are still around. Maybe that’s where some of these place got the idea, after all delivering that “news” has never been easier. For $11 you get your domain name and a few more dollars hosting fees and you are in. But that today’s youth can’t tell the difference between junk and truth is pretty amazing.

The Stanford University research is here . Lots of ways to create graphics too, just look at the list in my resource list to the right. I have to admit that some of those articles even caught my eye, but after a quick look at the site, as well as a whois lookup you just have to laugh. Unfortunately the laugh is on us when people over react or believe everything put in front of them.