June 24, 2024

There is a new article on the uses of Google Glass. Actually its more of the unintended use of Google Glass. I am not sure where the surprise is in this as the items listed that are “surprising” or “unintended” seem well, pretty logical to me anyway The first being face recognition. Come on as we approach someone how many times have we forgotten a name? We may have met this person last night or last year, we forget. Maybe we see someone across the room and start to think “where do I know them from?”. Even worse when its a business partner or someone we should know from the company. Guess that’s where the Exec Assistant who stands by you and is suppose to remind you…oh wait not all of us have one of those.

The fact that Glass was given to techies and developers first (see Google didn’t really have any cleat ideas on the use) so that they would come up with some things for it to do just drives this. And of course those developers/hackers/geeks will push the limit, and if there is an OS they will hack at it to see just exactly the power of the new tool.

The paranoia that starts to set in that you can now be watched by anyone anywhere is also interesting. As someone who shoots events at clubs on occasion it always interesting to take the photo of that one or two people that don’w want to be in that photo with that person they are not suppose to be with. Now with Glass anyone can be that “paparazzi”. Please with all the point and shoots these days, you are in frame all the time. I can foresee the day when Glass will be banned head gear when entering a club, much like cameras used to be. Only “Press” people were allowed to take photos of the stupid and drunk. Those were the days.

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