July 13, 2024

French newspaper Libération this week removed all images from one of its daily print editions, as part of a statement on the importance of photojournalism at a time when several media outlets are cutting their staff.

My Take: The above photo was of the daily publication put out by a French paper. The interesting part is that it was also the week where a big major photo show was starting. It really shows the impact that images make and one where getting the right image is so important. Today the photographer is often overlooked as so many people are “there” with their smartphone or point and shoot camera. Lost is the appreciation for a well balanced photo, angle of shot or even sharpness in some cases. Appreciate the photographer, just because you know how to apply a few filters, or can use Instagram does not make you a great photographer.

The link: http://www.theverge.com/2013/11/15/5107034/liberation-french-newspaper-removes-all-photos-from-print-edition