June 14, 2024

Where were you when all that happened? And how much did it affect your business, brand, status, mind and more. It has been a couple weeks since this happened. It does not appear that any catastrophes occurred yet did anyone learn anything from those few hours?

Were you able to let your customers know what was going on? Were there emails sent out to everyone that you will be back up soon, and that you were not the only one? What about breaches of any valuable data? Guess the question really is what contingencies are in place when things go down, as they have and will again got down.

The knee jerk reaction was, create a new face on a new place. Are you on new platforms as a result? And if you did create a new place, how long did it take?

This is a short post, mostly to see what you did or steps you took to prevent in some form or fashion the stoppage of your business.

I will be looking at this occurrence in an upcoming class. A discussion of options and just talking about policies which you should have in place. Oh yes, I am how holding a weekly, hands on class on a variety of topics. The class meets every Tuesday 2PM, MST time. Register here.