July 13, 2024

Here is the dirty little no so secret thing in development. Developers don’t write things from scratch these days. There are repositories all over the Net and sites that provide all the cumbersome pain the in the ass loops and code that we all wrote in college for assignments to learn all this coding crap. And you did it over and over. Today some have been upgraded to the term API, which most places have, and offer free to access as long as you sign up. That said we still code and want as much help as possible to help us along or to catch those annoying typos or forgetting to define something you would of sworn was defined 100s of lines earlier. Loads of tools here, more to come. And makes creating the next killer app much easier as the tedious BS is done for you. Now go forth and conquer.

Here’s the article. You guessed it Mashable is where its at.

Bootstrap has exploded since Twitter released it in 2011, becoming one of the most popular responsive frameworks available. It boasts an extensive library of pre-styled components, plugins and add-ons that make kickstarting your next web project a breeze.