Web Conference Tools

Meetups and just plain gettingĀ people together is getting harder in many respects. Lots of people are working remotely, or cannot attend a meeting and miss out on what was presented. Education is also dealing with Distance Learning and the need to broadcast to living rooms as well give students the ability to interact. This is also true for the business meeting. The tools below all offer some form of this but there is variety in what you can do. Many of these have an advanced more featured version of subscription, so you will need to see what meets your needs. Also as we get more into the “cloud” the sharing of information with those who need it and can access it will come into play in this world.

One thing to keep in mind with any of these tools is that not everyone will have the same high speed that you might have. Also keep in mind the total number of participants what any can handle and what you may need in the future. Some take some setup and it would be a shame to have to redo a big setup over again somewhere else.



  1. AnyMeeting
  2. BigBlueButton
  3. Google+ Hangout
  4. Managemeet
  5. Meetin.Gs
  6. MeetingBurner
  7. Mikogo
  8. ShowDocument
  9. Sync.in
  10. TokBox Video Chat
  11. Twiddla
  12. Vyew
  13. WebHuddle
  14. Yugma
  15. Zoho Meeting

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