Outlook for 2015

We have several projects kicking into gear starting tomorrow.

Our Twitter project is moving ahead much faster now. The setups are always a pain and setting the initial items just takes time. But many aspects are now set. If you are in the business of coffee, beer or music I want to hear from you so I can show you how this project will help grow your business.

I am also going to start doing more photography posts from a number of aspects. While it appears that everyone now as a ‘camera’ of some sort, the reality is that the image capture still needs to reflect your business. This also applies to portfolio development for models as well as the promotion of local businesses. So look for some craziness as I have a few very cool businesses.

Lastly, an emphasis to post on a regular basis to LinkedIN which game an area and away to post on business topics, ideas, step by steps and more to seize the day. The paulvalach.org site went through a redesign and now has lots of links grouped into many areas. The biggest challenge is keeping up with those that still offer what they did when they were included and that they still work. Fortunately the latter is done for me, it can also be done for your site, but is not always full proof as I have found. No this auto stuff does not always work as well as we would like.

If I can answer any questions on Social Media which I think includes all areas web design, development, SEO, images, content and more send me a message here or at paulvalach@gmail.com . Be happy to help.

Have a prosperous 2015!