Royalty Free and Creative Commons Music ready for Download  

Since first creating this the transformation of ‘music’ and ‘free’ has gone through many changes. While ‘royalty free’ or ‘free use’ is mentioned a lot you need to do your homework on how and if you can actually use the music in the way you intend.

Many of the sites below do require a registration and many may charge some fee to use the song you want. For the most part the cost is minimal but that’s not this page’s purpose to checkup on. You need to do your due diligence when selecting any music from any of these places. If you know of others please share, as that’s how we all get to coolness. If there are sites here that are giving grief we also need to know we can remove them.

I’m also attempting to group these into resource types, so there may be some crossover and site appear on several lists.

Last update 1-10-2017

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Education Resources

Some Licensing May be Required. Please make sure you read all the small print. And remember that this page is just a list of places we found.