Coding Sites On the Fly

IMG_8737_2Do you code some CSS and then go through the “save”, “update” , “refresh” and then hopefully see results you want? And if its not it somehow quickly fix the mess? Some of you may have some “test kitchens” and so you try it all out on there, but you also need the entire site. Sometimes its just a snippet to see what it does or how it behaves.

I came across just that, a few places on line that allow you to test on the fly, realtime and they are free. Somewhat like W3C when you need to see what a tag does but here its a little easier. Enjoy.

Now if you are are coding HTML you might like Firebug. Its a download and its for Firefox

And if you are in Chrome, there are a number of tools in Chrome DevTools that make things easier. An overview of the tools is at this site:

Chrome DevTools Overview