Citing one’s work has always been the staple for a good English paper, Research paper or thesis. In the past its also always been a pain the ass as the people who usually require it are anal in the format of those “cites”. They look for where the comma is, the semicolon and what order the cites are presented. It was always my downfall. Never mind that the material presented blew the doors of the others’ presentations or submissions. BUT fortunately for us someone came along who wrote some places where you can submit or in many cases look for the publication or article or whatever, identify it and the rest is done for you.

I have always liked EasyBib, and so I don’t know much about the the others on this list. Additionally I have had little reason to cite anything in any proper MLA/APA bullshit format. So if you need to ‘cite’ the others (I’ve looked a few) are worth checking out.

As always new tools pop up daily, as well as old ones going away I do my best to update the list.

Update 1-1-2017

Online Bibliography and Citation Tools

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