BIG PRINT – low cost

I have wanted to post on this for a while. I recall going down to Kinkos and other places where you can get a BIG PRINT made of your photo. By BIG PRINT (Ok I’ll stop shouting) I mean something say 2 feet x 2 feet or more. But when I looked at the price it was a nice chuck of change. If you are lucky enough to have access to a large format printer you can maybe con them into a printout – if you pay for the paper, or some of the ink use…but you can’t probably play with it to see it its what you really want. (I’ll need to do a post here on all the variety of papers now available.)

So I came across this post in Sugar Bee Crafts by Mandy that offers a pretty clever solution and gives you a fairly nice printout. This was always possible but the resolution was never quite there from the photo side. Today’s digital camera, along with some software (apps to you tablet folks), we can now enhance photos fairly easily making it possible to print at low res and still get a fantastic result. Here is the article for your perusal.

Twitter IPO

The Twitter IPO potential comes up again. Its interesting how this continues to come up. I am not sure where this is at this point. The last few IPO Zynga, Facebook have not made any exciting news. And in fact have been on the loosing end of things. So I am not sure how Twitter could do much better. This just my opinion as I don’t see an exact revenue stream, or at least a clearly visible one. There are some good points in this article, but time will tell. And as a previous article points out there are still little glitches, annoying ones that Twitter needs to resolve. Enjoy!

40 iPhone Secrets… shortcuts

Apple iPhone

I was looking at my Pinterest of all places, and noticed a gal had repined one of my pins. Ok, not the first time, but as always I go look to see where and who it was and where that pin goes. After all that’s what all this pinning is about. So in her board I found a pin that led to this. WOW!! So many cool tips including this for the iPhone. I haven’t gotten to all of them, but already have close to a dozen. This is a little older, still I think there is probably much to be gained by doing some exploring Enjoy.